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Concept Development


Every great promotion has a beginning, every great story has a first draft. Leone Creative is your “Script to Screen” resource. We help get your idea out there to the public in any and every form. Our creative ideas & concepts will push your company to where you want it.

Audio + Video


From scripts to pre and post production, our studio handles it all. We can accommodate any format. TV, YouTube, Flash and more...


- Script Writing                                       - Storyboards

- Lighting                                                     - Green Screen Effects

- HD Shooting + Editing                    - Audio Recording + Mixing

- Jingles                                                        - Broadcast Ready TV + Radio

Animation + Motion Graphics


Video, websites and presentations look so much better with some animation

and movement to it. From animated logos, fly through of buildings to dynamic special effects, we can bring your ideas to life.


- 2D + 3D Animation                           - Modeling + Rendering

- Name + Title Graphics                   - Charts + Presentations

- Special Effects

Web + Interactive Media


In today’s age, the Internet is the ultimate information resource and you should have your information out there too. From websites to interactive business presentations, let us guide the way.


- Website Design                                  - Interactive PDFs

- Mobile Device Site Design        - Corporate Presentations

Legacy Suite + Conversion


Our Legacy Suite provides conversion and digitizing from those older, out of date and hard to find formats. We can digitize anything.  .



- LP78 - Betamax - VHS - Beta SP - 3/4" Umatic - VHSC -

- Hi 8mm - Laser Disc - Two Track Audio Reel - Cassette Audio Tape -

Graphic Design


Leone Creative’s artists use their skills in all aspects of production from logo design to original animation creation.


- Logo Design                                           - Custom Illustration

- Photo-retouching                             - Page Layout

Printing + More


It’s always good to give a new client something to hold on to and remember you by. Let us help you unify your campaign and create a professional presence.


- Business Cards                                     - Flyers + Poster

- Stationary Kits                                     - T-shirts

- Stickers                                                     - DVDs + more